Costa Guerreiro, Lda., is a graphic arts company, with 20 years of existence, which laboration began in May 1990.
Since then the company has shown a strong dynamic, consolidating its
market position in which it operates.
Its area is printing, finishing and marketing of cardboard labels and is also prepared for printing and other items end graphics such as posters, envelopes and cards.
Its rapid growth has been possible because of management awareness of the importance of a continued commitment to upgrade in machinery and training of all employees in order to always be able to meet the needs of their customers and monitor the market developments.
In 2003, Costa Guerreiro has extended its range of products to include woven and printed labels, with the acquisition of shares of the company Guerreiro & C Lda, a company founded in 1972 with extensive experience in woven labels and trimmings, with a large, modern fleet machines.
Now has some modern facilities, where he consolidated the integration of textile components, printing and graphics under the same roof.